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The Perfect Funding Option for ALL Your Investment Real Estate Opportunities!

Three Simple Steps!



Click the button below and answer a few basic questions!



One of our deal placement experts will contact you within one business day!



We work closely with your all the way to the funding table!


Our Specialty Areas

1-4 Unit Fix & Flip

Up to 100% LTC Options
Available in Some Markets! NEW!

1-4 Unit Long Term

Short Term Rental Loans Not A Problem!
Also, Multiple Property Blanket Loan Options!

5+ Units

Value-Add, Purchase, Refinance, Bridge - We LOVE Multifamily in any form!


Wide Access to very competitive platforms including: Life Insurance Companies, CMBS, Small Balance, SBA, USDA, and National Portfolio Lenders
Green Balconies

No Deal Too Small or Too Large!

Why Capital Connection?

The plain truth:


Real Estate Investing can be very difficult.

So many factors to consider to just get a property or project identified, analized, and put under contract a price that is competitive and agreeable to the parties.


Too often, all this effort ends up being for naught as the most important piece (the

funding) is not able to be secured.

The reason- most of the time, its simply a matter of not identifying the RIGHT source for that particular scenario!


Problem Solved!


We have helped hundreds of individuals secure hundreds of millions, that all had

faced the same dilemma described above prior to coming to us.

Our secret?

We have learned over the years through painstaking trial and error what it actually takes to really solve the funding problem-

The answer is really simple actually- Focus on finding, vetting, and understanding

lenders that are specific in nature, and pre-screen deals to ensure there is a solid


This cannot be done by a lender search engine, or lender match site! (We know

this first-hand, as we have attempted that approach in the past and results were less then acceptable!)


The ONLY way to vastly improve your odds of a successful transaction is to

work with a live human being that fully understands you, the deal and all of its

nuances, and the lender’s rules and appetites.


Click the button below, answer a few basic questions, and one of our deal placement experts will reach out to you within one business day.


No up front cost, no fluff, no risk!

Our specialists are highly trained to walk you through the entire process all the way to finish line- EVERY TIME!


We look forward to serving you!

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Our Clients Say

"Lane and his team at Capital Connection have been part of our team since the beginning- they have played a key role in putting together financing on all of our properties, and in most cases have financed not only the acquisition and rehab but the exit loans as well.  No one else can do it like they do!  Thanks, Lane!"

Mike Bocanegra AOTD Holdings owner of 400+ units 

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